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Zone Information
Zone Name Injection Molding Shop
Status Active
Zone Slogan "Beyond 3D Printing"
Zone Coordinator(s) Thad Johnson
Zone Slack #injectionmolding
Zone E-mail

Zone Color DarkGreen
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  • Thanks to Michael F. from the Lansing Makers Network for alerting i3 Detroit to the availability of these machines.
  • Thanks to Jim K., Roger S., Nate W., Brian W., for hauling these unwieldy, messy, heavy machines from an unlit pole-barn in Ionia to our space under a tight deadline.


  • Verify safety gate is functional
  • Always shut down the air/hydraulics prior to reaching into a mold
  • Take your time. Accidents happen because someone is in too big of a hurry.

Table of Equipment

Equipment Authorization Owner(s) Status
Arburg C4b Yes i3Detroit Down



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Injection Molding Shop Infrastructure ToDo List

Description Status Champion
Resin storage: Some resin is in bins, some in paper bags, some in jugs. Regular bins OK for our old resin stock. Acquire more airtight bins/containers/barrels when new resin is purchased.

Cooling water supply Acquired radiator chiller from TIG project. Inspect, assemble, make work.

Injection Molding Shop Support ToDo List

Description Status Champion
Arburg Documentation Arburg C4b manual (photocopy) is stacked on top of the machine. Roger S.
Mold Fabrication Tool steel appears to be impractical for our shop.

Forged/rolled Al plate (specialized mold alloy) proposed. Alumold 500 is available from Alro. Expect to get many hundreds of shots with a conservatively-designed mold made from the right aluminum stock.

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