Buying Metal

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Welcome to the information page for buying metal!

  • The purpose of this page is to provide information about how and where to buy material for your welding projects


  • is a truly fantastic place to start. It can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide on what material to use, and this websit really helps break it all down.
  • is also pretty good. I find it a bit less beginner friendly, but if you are comfortable with metal forms and want more customization options, this is nice.
  • Go to your favorite search engine and search for terms like "steel suppliers", "metal supplier", "scrap steel deals", etc. GIYF.

Random Useful Info

  • If you find a useful site for deciding, selecting, or finding material, stick it here for all to enjoy!
  • This is a neat calculator to tell you if the tubing you are thinking of will withstand the loads you plan to put on it. Great for figuring out just how thin (and cheap) you can go and still do what you need.