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  • What we do/Who we are:

i3Detroit is a group of people and resources. We have lots of tools, we help each other make things, we share skills and knowledge and labor. Whether it's a sewing machine or a welder, you'll find it at i3Detroit.

  • How we got started:

Beginning in April 2009 with just a website and a few email feelers, a group of metro-Detroiters quickly coalesced to bring our shared vision into existence. Meeting initially in a coffee shop, then in one member's garage, we started pooling money and resources. Our first group projects appeared at the Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire in August, and we moved into the 4th St. workshop in September. Since October we've been open for classes, workshops, and more!

  • Description of Craft Night:

Most Mondays, i3Detroit hosts a craft-themed class of some sort. Expect to find verbs like "drill", "glue", and "stitch" used with nouns like "scrabble pieces", "colored paper", and "video game characters". Attendance is usually limited, so be sure to RSVP under the Classes/Events section of to reserve your spot!

  • Description of Web Wednesday:

Addicted to the inter-tubes? Dream in code? Have an incurable need to learn something new? Every Wednesday, i3Detroit plays host to classes, seminars, or workshops that are web oriented. You're bound to learn something new, and sure to feed your inner technophile.

  • Description of Open Shop Night:

Most Fridays, members of i3Detroit throw the door open for all comers. Bring a project, bring a friend, or just come hang out! Open Shop is a perfect time to meet the members, see the space, and learn how you can be a part of it all.

  • How to become a Member:

Prospective members are encouraged to hang out as guests and get to know the members before taking the plunge. Membership requires some paperwork, some money, and being admitted at a meeting.

  • What you could build (inspiration):

If you can dream it, we probably have the tools and know-how to help you do it! Some of our members tinker with microcontrollers and electronics. Others work in wood, leather, and cloth. Projects as diverse as robots, jewelry, and musical instruments have come out of the shop already. What can we help you achieve?

  • Directions on how to get here:

Located just 3 blocks east of downtown Royal Oak, i3Detroit is easy to get to. We're east of Main (Livernois) and south of 11 mile, at 322 E. 4th St. Free street parking is available one block further east.