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There is an ongoing effort to make the air at i3 more breathable. It was noticed during the Covid-19 Pandemic that people's masks would get darker just from being at i3, which highlighted what many long-time members have noticed: i3 has a certain odor, composed of laser exhaust, aerosolized cutting fluid, burned drillbits and wood, and a myriad other less identifiable things that just kinda settle into a miasma. It's known that, though people often don't consciously register the scents around them, the atmosphere still has a profound effect on their desire to go to or remain at a given location.

Jody [1] set out to build several hacked together air filters, starting from box fans and furnace filters. After several designs, Jody settled on a Cube and a Wedge for ceiling mounted filters, and spaced flat versions for ground-level ones.

So far, 2 Cubes and one Wedge have been constructed, at a cost of approximately $250, donated by members and the Commons Area.

Wedge #1: Currently in the rack over the pop fridge. {add pic, cost, date, recommended check intervals}

Cube #1: Currently in the ceiling rafters over New Sewing {add pic, cost, date, recommended check intervals}

Cube #2: Currently in the rafters over New Injection Molding {add pic, cost, date, recommended check intervals}

Flat #1: Black fan with 1 inch MERV12 filter {add pic} Cost: $24/fan $16/filter, $40/total, Paid by Welding Zone. Currently kicking around B side as of 6/18, check in December 2022.