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Name Bluecam
Zone Electronics Lab

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model
Part Number
Date Acquired 2013-01-18
Storage Location Digital Cameras Bin
Authorization Required No
Status Departed
Value 58

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Bluecam is a blue camera that lives in the E Lab, in the Digital Cameras bin. It connects to the Bluecam stream on Flickr using an off-the-shelf product, eye fi.


Don't take nude selfies and post them to the internet under i3's name


When finished taking pictures, leave the camera on! It'll power itself off after a few minutes, and that's long enough for the wifi card inside to upload the pictures.

It's fine if you have to power it off, of course, it'll just pick up where it left off. Good reasons to power it off include "charging the battery", which is also appreciated.

Maintenance Info

Eye-Fi stopped supporting their old cards and nobody used this anyway. Sad trombone.



Bluecam Zone: Electronics Lab "/>

In days of yore, User:Nbezanson realized that the rotation-flag in the EXIF headers could be used to automatically differentiate photos taken with a single camera, and do different things with them. There had been wishes for several sorts of cameras:

  • A camera that automatically tweets out "Here's what's happening at i3Detroit right now:"
  • A camera that automatically emails [Mailing_List|-announce] with "Items pictured here are being added to the lost-and-found:"
  • And a camera that just gathers photos where people can access them later (somewhere like Flickr), to make it easy to document projects.

And it was realized that by simply holding the camera straight, left, or right, these actions could be selected at photo time.

User:Nbezanson got the jhead-grep-goto logic working, but Twitter's OAuth stymied him, and others who volunteered to write the processing software also didn't complete it. So all that went out the window, and we settled for a single Flickr stream. (If you'd like to write it, please, go ahead!)

Photos are uploaded with their permissions set to private. If you wish to make one public, log into flickr as i3detroitbluecam, find the image, change the boilerplate text and then change the permissions.