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How to generate a Balance Sheet Report from GNUCash

From the Reports menu, select Assets & Liabilities->Balance Sheet.  This will generate the default Balance Sheet report, but that report does not show all of the interesting data.  Therefore, click the Options button to bring up the options dialog for the report and make these changes:

  •  In the Accounts tab, set Levels of Subaccounts to 5.  This will allow all of the earmarked fund balances to appear in the report.
  •  In the Display tab, set Parent account subtotals to Show subtotals.  This will make it so that the current checking account balance is shown (otherwise, only sub-account balances are shown, making it look like we have less money in the checking account than is really there).
  •  In the General tab, set Balance Sheet Date to the date that you're generating the report for (typically the end of the month).

Then, click OK to regenerate the report.  Print it to PDF and post to the wiki.