4x8 Utility Trailer

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4x8 Utility Trailer
Name 4x8 Utility Trailer
Zone Commons Area

Owner David Henry
Make Model
Part Number
Date Acquired
Storage Location Against the wall by the B-side roll-up door
Authorization Required No
Status Running

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Please update the #fleet slack channel to indicate usage and return.


  • Be careful taking it down from the wall. It is heavy and awkward.
  • The trailer uses a 2" hitch ball. Confirm that your trailer hitch will fit.
  • The coupler tongue is approximately 14 inches off the ground when the trailer is level, so the base of the ball mount on your hitch should be about at this height
  • It has a tilt bed, pull the pin for easy loading.
  • Keep the lock with the trailer to keep it from running off. Keep the key in the lock when storing the trailer.
  • Loaded trailer weight should be limited to 2000 lbs.
  • Make sure that it's securely chained to the wall when you're done. It may take two people to lift it back on to it's side!
  • The electrical connector is a 4-way plug.

Maintenance Info

Maintenance would probably be a good idea at some point. Wheel bearings could use inspection.



  • Put a sign on the trailer that indicates usage rules.
  • Mount the spare tire to the tongue.

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