2 Post Auto Lift

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2 Post Auto Lift
Name Car uppy go downy
Zone Automotive Zone
Reservation Address Link
Reservation Calendar URL Link
HOWTO Reserve Time on Equipment
Owner i3Detroit
Make Model AMGO BP-9X
Part Number
Date Acquired 02/18/2022
Storage Location
Authorization Required Yes
Status Running
Value 4707.45

Power Requirements 240 VAC
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Reserve this equipment if you're using the space occupied by the 2 post auto lift (whether you're actually using the lift or not).


  • Only authorized users are allowed to operate the 2-post lift. To obtain authorization, attend a pre-scheduled authorization session, or contact another authorized member to train you.
  • Do not exceed the 9000 pound load limit.
  • Always return arms to their lowest position when done with the lift, so that they can be easily pivoted out of the way if needed.
  • Lock out the electrical box with the padlock when done.
  • Ensure that you are using appropriate lift points on your vehicle, and the center of gravity for your vehicle is inline with the 2 posts.
  • Never leave the gantry crane above the 2 post lift to reduce the chance of someone hitting it with their vehicle. Always check above your vehicle while lifting to ensure it will not hit anything.
  • Keep it clean. If you spill some fluids, rust, mud, sludge, etc on the arms or base or floor, clean up after yourself. It's just nicer and safer for everyone then.


A good video that covers basic, safe lift operation is here: https://youtu.be/RB6MwHchZ7U

The manual/documentation that came with the lift is in a plastic sleeve on the side of the right post for your reference. Please return it to the same location if you use it.

Key steps for operation are:

1. Pull your vehicle in between the lift posts, positioning the center of gravity over the lift baseplate. This varies with vehicle type (FWD, RWD, unibody, truck, etc)

2. Line up the lift pads with the recommended lift points for your vehicle. Use truck adapters as necessary, but no more than 9" between the pad and the arm.

3. Press the button to start raising the lift until it contacts the vehicle. Ensure the lift pads are contacting the lift points as you intended.

4. Continue lifting the vehicle until all 4 wheels are just off the ground, watching to make sure it is lifting the vehicle evenly. At this point, stop lifting and gently rock either the front or rear of the vehicle to ensure that it feels stable on the arms.

5. Continue lifting the vehicle to your desired height. Once there, push the lowering lever to lower the lift down onto its locks so that it is safe to be under.

6. In order to lower the vehicle back down, first lift it up to disengage the locks, then hold the lock release down while pushing the lowering lever.

7. When done, ensure that the arms are all the way down, and that you have re-locked the electrical disconnect box. If an unauthorized person uses the lift because you forgot to lock it, you are equally responsible for any damage caused.

Maintenance Info



Authorized Users and Trainers

Trainer Name Certified Date
Brandon Biller 02/18/2022
Tim Wainz 02/26/2022
Zach Sutton 03/02/2022
Mark Furland 2022-06-02
Nate Bezanson 2024-03-21
User Name Authorized By Date of Most Recent Training
Frank La Marca Brandon Biller 02/26/2022
John Kollman Brandon Biller 02/26/2022
Mike Fink Brandon Biller 02/26/2022
Gary Grzebienik Brandon Biller 02/26/2022
Andrew Lanacan Brandon Biller 02/26/2022
Rufu Thames Brandon Biller 02/26/2022
Matt Gardeski Brandon Biller 02/26/2022
Roger Slykhouse Brandon Biller 02/26/2022
Tim Wainz Brandon Biller 02/26/2022
Zach Sutton Tim Wainz 03/02/2022
Tim Clayton Tim Wainz 03/07/2022
Amelia Meyer Brandon Biller 03/08/2022
Nick LaRocca Zach Sutton 05/06/2022
Jon Williams Brandon Biller 04/30/2022
John Hutt Brandon Biller 04/30/2022
Mark Furland Mike Fink 2022-06-02
Dave Hurt Mark Furland 2022-06-17
Darwin Smith Brandon Biller 2022-06-27
Abby West Mark Furland 2022-06-17
Patrick Guyon Zach Sutton 2022-07-23
Matthew From Mark Furland 2022-08-29
Will Cunningham Mark Furland 2022-08-29
Andy Bologovsky Mark Furland 2022-08-29
Ian Wunderlich Zach Sutton 2022-09-05
David Henry Mark Furland 2022-10-15
Frank Aloia Zach Sutton 2022-11-15
Bill Putt Brandon Biller 2022-10-4
Greg Good Brandon Biller 2022-10-4
Rick Cortright Brandon Biller 2022-12-13
Alex Tsuker Brandon Biller 2022-12-13
Lewis Dennison Brandon Biller 2022-12-13
Jonathan Devine Brandon Biller 2022-12-13
Deb Scott Brandon Billre 2022-12-13
Varun Iyer Brandon Biller 2022-12-13
Jeremy Glogower Zach Sutton 2023-1-06
Ahmed Safdar Brandon Biller 2023-02-01
Mike Antovski Brandon Biller 2023-02-01
Carson Green Zach Sutton 2023-02-21
Blake Icabone Zach Sutton 2023-02-21
Mike Bush Mark Furland 2023-04-18
Freddy Neumann Zach Sutton 2023-05-03
Paul Lee Mark Furland 2023-10-04
Eric Junker Mark Furland 2023-10-04
Brian Bezanson Mark Furland 2023-10-04
Jeff L. Brandon Biller 2023-10-29
Carlos Cuartas Brandon Biller 2023-09-20
Filip Kin Brandon Biller 2023-09-20
Alicia Chatman Brandon Biller 2023-09-20
David Smith Brandon Biller 2023-09-20
Jacob Gedrimas Evan Allen 2022-11-07
Neil McEachin Zach Sutton 2023-11-01
Frank Palazzolo Mark Furland 2023-12-14
Akiem Scruggs Zach Sutton 2024-02-24
Jim Craven Brandon Biller 2024-02-20
Emerson Craven Brandon Biller 2024-02-20
Evan Hostetler Zach Sutton 2024-03-20
Earl Brown Brandon Biller 2024-03-26
Kristina Schmidt Brandon Biller 2024-03-26
Zachary Lee Nate Bezanson 2024-03-27
Drew Sigler Nate Bezanson 2024-03-27
Jack Reinke Nate Bezanson 2024-03-27
Daniel Vitenson Nate Bezanson 2024-04-21
Grant Lehmkuhl Brandon Biller 2024-05-06

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