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17-- i3 Detroit, Regular Meeting, July 17, 2012

Start 7:30pm, held in the commons

Chair: Eric Merrill


Matt Arnold

Nate Bezanson

Hans Chen

Kristine Diven

Micho Detronik

Steve f00f

Kevin Flory

Stephen Hermann

Rocco Marras

Eric Merrill

Gary Morin

Adrienne Patterson

Dave Scholl

Matt Switlik

Nate Warnick

Brian Wennberg

Matty Winans


i3 West

Eric M. – The vote is open to approve spending for renting out the space, voting ends Thursday

Red Bull Challenge

Eric M. – The Red Bull Challenge starts 9pm this Thursday and ends Sunday at 9pm. Red Bull has sent us a liability waiver that all participants have to sign, it has been sent to the list. They have also sent us webcasting equipment, camera, mic, etc. We should be getting red bull tomorrow.


Eric M. - Dake has donated to us a 3-ton arbor press and a horizontal drop bandsaw. Eric picked it up, Cost about $80 to get back and forth. They are willing to help us with the contest.


Eric Merrill – Talked to henry ford about the red bull contest, they will let us bring the red bull creation into the faire.


Eric M. - We need to prepare for the party, by spending a day to clean up the space.


Brian W. – Talked to service company, hopefully will be fixed before Maker Faire. We are waiting for parts, bearings.


Steve H. - We need to refill gases.

Laser Cutter Update

Matt A. – We reached our original of $6,000 in pledges, but our new laser requires $7,000. Matt will begin collecting money from pledges for the cutter.

Eric M. – After all the money is collected, we’ll issue a stash of receipts.

Name Tags

Rocco M. – Want treasurer to authorize name tags, for Maker Faire party. We are supposed to print them out for networking.

Motion introduced to compensate Rocco for $40 in party supplies for Maker Faire. Votes 7 out of 7 for the motion, it passes unanimously

Ended, 7:57pm

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