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2012-09-11 i3Detroit Board Meeting September 11, 2012

Chair: Dustin White Start 7:30pm


Dustin White

Maddy Winans

Karen Corbeill

Kristine Divine

Hans Chen

Matt Arnold

Adrienne P.

Ted Hansen

Ed Platt

Nate Benzanson

Matt Huber


Roger S

Agenda Handing out positions

Dustin W.- So how do we want to do this? Go through each person individually or

Ted- Lets go down the list – presidents here (Karen and Matt O. both present) Lets make a to do list to hand off

Matt O. - I'll talk to Karen after the meeting

Dustin – I’ve' been talking to Eric [Merrill], discussing transitions. I need physical building keys. Land lord knows I am the main contact.

Ted (VP) – There are a lot of things that need to be discussed

Hans Chen – Maddy and I had Lunch, pretty much everything has been handed over, I still need to put up minutes from previous meetings

Kristine – Adrienne has already has access to Google docs, we are going to keep me on the bank account for a little while. I will give her all the sign ins today and keys and anything else that needs to be given over. I think at minimum I should stay on the checking account for a bit.

Dustin- and the board, all of you are just kind of going into this blindly...

Ted- for those who were not clear on what mantis was for. It's a bug tracking system that tracks issues with the board, with some success . You can log in wherever and is used as a central system that can keep everyone updated on issues

Dustin- lets say the landlord comes in...Karen can come on and assign tasks to anyone (Brief overview on the use of mantis, general Q&A session)

Ted – one of the main motivations for doing this was that an email would come in and no one would be following up on it, this helps keep track of what needs to be done. If you have questions to something doesn’t seem to be working, please ask me questions.

(old directors and officers were pulled off of mantis and all new members were added.)

Dustin – show your love every once in a while and take some time to delete out spam.

Forklift Dustin – what is the current Status

Nate W. - [Matt] Swit knows someone who can fix it

Dustin- do we need to pay someone to come and do it?

Ted- the starter is broken, it may be just that. No one has tested it

Dustin – automotive starter?

Ted- You could at least have it tested.

Nate B.- How confident are we that is the issue? Could it be something else

Matt O.- I can ask Ryan Joyce and see what it is that he tested.

Dustin- I can do manual labor if necessary.

Ted- the main problem right now is nobody is managing this, we need someone to take that on. I don't know how to find someone to do this

Dustin- I will do my best to delegate this. We should take it to the group

Ted- that is the best way to approach it, take it to the list.

Karen- does b nektar have a forklift? Can we possibly get rid of ours and use theirs? We should take advantage of those options

Dustin- we would have to revisit the agreement from the donater [of the forklift]

Ted- we need to at least convince the membership.

Dustin – B. Nektar having a forklift might sway their vote to get rid of it

Ed- we probably can't sell it. It was in the paperwork that it was legally given to us as “scrap”

Rocco- you can sell scrap, but you should at least fix it first

Hans – if they don't retain any rights, they cut the strings to it.

Ed- we don’t have a title to it

Nate B. - if it were fixed tomorrow and it cost $100, would we keep it?

Ted- I would vote to keep it.

Roger – (list of members who would propose to keep it)

Dustin – Nate W is the only member with a license to drive a forklift – what is your opinion

Nate W. - it's 50/50, how often are we going to be here when brad[B. Nektar] is working.?

Dustin – how often do we even use it?

Ted- we don't need it that often, but when we do need it there really is no other option

Roger – I disagree, I can go pay $60 to rent one, we haven’t used it since at least march.

Ted – the members want it period.

Dustin – it needs to be brought to the membership

ACTION Karen Proposes action to bring vote to the membership. (Need to draft proposal)

Camera prep

Dustin – we have approval to put up cameras we just need to put up a vote where the 8 cameras will go.

Rocco – I have a coin changer with “guts” to be use as a safe box.

Dustin – Make that a to-do in Mantis for placement of the cameras

Harassment Policy

Nate B. - I am in favor

Matt A. We took it aside to make some changes. I had suggestions. And Paragraphs added in. (Reading of policy)

Ted- I disagree it; seems oddly strict

Dustin – It is perfectly agreeable.

Ed- I see what ted is saying, if there are people who are not in the habit of explicitly verbalizing things, it might be something that is difficult to follow.

Nate B. - there is no provision for a third party to complain about touching.

Rocco – it just is clearly stating that no one should be touched that doesn’t want to be touched.

Maddy W. - it's just a way to make people aware that it is ok to approach the board if you are uncomfortable with something that is happening to you.

Kristine – what about the privacy of the person who is complaining?

Karen – we need language in there that states that it will be kept personal

Maddy W. - there needs to be something in there about confidentiality

Hans Chen -I am in favor of the harassment policy, I think there is an issue that we just don’t have a way of dealing with these kinds of issues. The board has always had discretion to ban anyone at any time for any reason.

Ted-The purpose of this is to make sure that people feel comfortable to approach the board.

Matt U. - Everyone has a right to have the information to be kept confidential

(Concerns about confidentiality and being sure that everyone involved understands why banning is happening and what exactly happened)

Roger – we could make it say keep it confidential to the parties involved

Adrienne – Should we keep a written record of all events that happen?

Xander – Does anyone have Experience with this? It's going to come down to “he-said she said” and that's going to become a big issue.

(overall agreement) Hans - I think the board in it's entirety is capable of handling these situations.

ACTION Changes made to policy about confidentiality

Ted- do we want the membership to adopt this or put in place by the board?

Dustin – I think this should be put up by the board

(Agreement) Karen – its up to the board to define it. (Agreement) ACTION Sexual Harassment policy that was drafted by Matt A has been adopted and it is to be posted to the wiki ASAP


Ed- I looked around to try and figure out how to actual file our taxes. There's not a lot of information. I emailed the accountant that helped us last year, he did not get back with me.

Hans – IRS says we have to file a form 990n

Ed- There is not spot for a refund on that form (we overpaid our taxes)

Ted- So we know the amounts, its a question of the correct paperwork. Does anyone know how to do this? Jamie Wolf?

Hans – call The IRS they are very helpful

Ed- I will take on this responsibility. I will figure something out (follow up next Tuesday 9/18)

ACTION Ed Platt will call the IRS and figure out what forms we need to file.

Insurance Document

Hans - I emailed out policy from last year and current one to the board mailing list so it available there.

Kristine – I have a letter to amend the mailing address


Treasury Handover Ticket Created

In process with Kristine and Adrienne


Nate W. - It's been voted out.

Ted – do you have a plan to remove it?

Nate W. - I need doors on it and I will remove it with my jeep. Tomorrow (9/12)

All items need to be removed between the trailer and the garage door before tomorrow so it can be removed. Trailer is due for eviction 09/14/12 Upcoming events Karen- I sent out an email about events coming up in the next few months. (listing of events) Ferndale DIY Fair Fliers to be made? Hazel park art fair – we have a booth need volunteers for PR.

Bacon - Theatre Bizzare workdays upcoming, watch the mailing list.

Fort Wayne Powerwheels race

Dustin – Member shelf clean up Friday September 14, 2012 any help is appreciated.

Karen - Halloween Party When should we have it? November 3? Any issues? ACTION Halloween party will be on November 3rd.'

Detroit urban craft fair? Should we get a booth? Dustin – Contact Lish? ACTION Karen will contact Lish about getting a booth for free for PR items.

Dustin - Congratulations to the new Board and All New officers. May a rainbow hit you in the crotch by days end.

Ended 8:44pm

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