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About Us

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Ever dream of a place where you could build and craft your heart’s desires? A place to find other Do-It-Yourself-ers and get tips and advice? A place where you could learn to use and have access to tools that would never fit into your garage or your budget?

That place exists, today. Welcome to i3Detroit.

Here at i3Detroit, we want to create and build, probably much like yourself. We’re not a profit-driven tool rental center, we’ve got a burning passion to create, tinker, hack and make, one that drives us to create the best possible community and space. Our members take pride in what we’ve built, and for good reason. We’ve got such a diverse range of things to create with here, and we’ve done it all as a highly-engaged volunteer community with a passion for things such as crafting, woodworking, metalworking, electronics, welding, programming, and digital fabrication!

Located near the heart of Ferndale, we’re close to many local events and an amazing community. If you’re curious about, or never heard of a Makerspace, then swing on by on a Friday evening (6:30 to 8:30 PM) to take a tour and get to know the membership!

Excited? Gotten this far? Come see us! You’ll find this is just the place you’ve been looking for!

We are committed to providing a safe space to work, learn, and play. Please read and understand our anti-harassment policy.

Want to Join?

i3 Detroit prides itself on being an open community, but that doesn’t mean anyone can just walk in, hand over a wad of bills, and get a key. We ask all of our prospective members to come check the space out and meet a few of the existing members as part of joining the community. Our signup process requires prospective members to get familiar with what it means to be part of a community-run organization before joining.

I want to become a member!

Have Questions?

We are a lot of people who know a lot of things. We do our best to put all of that knowledge into one place, the Wiki. You should be able to find information including what tools we have, what is a laser cutter (pew pew!), who is responsible for cleaning the toilets (everybody) and what famous character we made out of duct tape. Take a gander.

i3 Detroit is always actively seeking Donations and Sponsorship to help continue our growth and educational goals. If you are interested in helping our community we have many options for you to help. Since i3 Detroit is a 501c3 organization your contribution may be tax deductible. Be our hero!

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Contact Us

The best way to reach us is via email

Upcoming Schedule

Inside i3

Inside i3 we have 20-ish Zones, physical groupings of equipment and shared interests. See the Zones page for the full list, and see each individual zone's page for info on all of its tools and equipment. Below is a map showing all the Zones. We recently acquired a lot more space in our building, and we're actively working to fill it, adding new zones and expanding existing ones. ZoneColors.png