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Agenda for 07-16-2019

Planning for Maker Faire 2019

Status Updates

Get more T-shirts - DONE

Assignee: Mel

Party Invites - DONE

  • Anyone with ideas on where to put them is free to grab a pile of them and distribute
  • They are on the green rolling shelf near the large format printer along ith the grant ones

Assignee: Paul & Mel

Call for Volunteers

  • Mel needs a list of names of people who need passes before Sunday (7/21) so she can give the list of people who get passes to deliver to THF
  • Will probably do one more call for help

Assignees: Louie

Call for Projects/Vendors

  • 12-13 tables of vendors

Assignees: Lew, Kevin

Tent Layout

  • Kevin was waiting for the site map to draw up his map, now that we have it he can
  • Need to see the list of displays and the number that want TVs, other infrastructure considerations (Kevin will provide this to Gary)

Assignees: Lew and Kevin


  • Waiting for the list from Kevin

Assignee: Paul

Fix MoneySucker - DONE

Assignee: Charlie?

Build Additional Donation Project - DONE

  • Using tokens to dispense fire from the knights
  • Mel will sell tokens at one of the tables near the castle

Assignee: David, Mel

Other Topics

New Tent Location!

Caption Text

  • Opposite side of the parking lot from previous years so the castle can be with the other large displays

Party Stuff

  • Delegation has taken place
    • Adult beverages: Thomas
    • Jockeying of Disks: Norm
    • Decorations: Jan
  • B-side will serve as a quiet, chill area
    • Have ~500 balloons and 200 lights to use for decoration
    • Air-filled balloons can be inflated and hung days in advance
    • Balloons with lights need to be hung the day of, Jody has requested 3 additional volunteers to inflate and hang day-of balloons
    • About half the balloons will be in a net hanging from the ceiling
    • Will have the six little cafe tables on this side
  • A-side will have the bar, DJ, and dance floor
    • Bar will be in front of the fridge, DJ will be in front of H-structure
  • John has agreed to empty the courtyard, we can have fire things out there as well as more hangout space if the weather cooperates
  • Party cleanup
    • Want some cleanup (food at the very least) to be handled at the end of the party before people go home
    • If people are available Sunday morning to help clean up that would be good, realistically going to be more like early Sunday afternoon probably

MEDC Stuff

  • Where are we putting the stuff for sale at Maker Faire benefitting the MEDC campaign?
    • Needs to be near the castle if it's selling fire tokens
    • Needs to be near other vendors so people can manage it in addition to their own storefronts
  • Who is staffing?
    • Mel and Thomas at least


At the original planning meeting in January 8 roles were identified to help spread out the work. Is everyone still good with the roles they volunteered for? Who can we get to fill the remaining positions?

Main Lead

  • Run regular planning meetings, provide assistance to other leaders, project management (maintain timelines verify progress).
  • Volunteer: Vivian

Vendor Wrangler

  • Contact for i3 members/associates interested in selling wares at the event.
  • Work with infrastructure to place storefronts in appropriate places with access to required resources
  • Volunteer: Lew

Project Wrangler

  • Encourage members to display projects, maintain list of project components (deliver to loadmaster and infrastructure), set up orphaned projects. Generate fancy display labels for projects.
  • Volunteer: Kevin

Henry Ford Contact

  • Main contact person for THF
  • Volunteer: Mel

Pooba of Powerstrips (Infrastructure)

  • Manage layout of floor space and distribution of resources to displays which require them (Includes power, TVs, etc.). Collect i3 items which need to be borrowed. Set up signage at event.
  • Volunteer: Gary

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Create and send out the form to membership requesting volunteers for setup/operation/teardown of both main event and afterparty. Assign volunteers to roles based on availability.
  • Volunteer: Louie


  • In charge of reserving the truck and loading/unloading items per manifest provided by project wrangler and infrastructure coordinator. Stays with the truck on Friday and Sunday.
  • Volunteer: David

Afterparty Coordinator

  • Schedule food/entertainment for the Maker Faire afterparty, create/distribute invitations, work with the volunteer coordinator to identify bodies to help clean and arrange the space for the party
  • Volunteer: Jan

Important Notes from Last Year


  • Do we want to do a hangout type area again?
  • Take inventory before the event of which TVs support HDMI/SD cards and give priority to taking those to Maker Faire.
    • On the form that asks what stuff your project will need to ask if SD or HDMI etc. will be needed on TV?
  • Paperweights!
  • Event PR - Need to identify a few people to handle this for the event, posting before, pictures during, advertising the party etc.
  • Rope and stanchions for traffic flow control
  • Ashley will be seeking volunteers to help run letterpress demos (4-5 people ideally; fewer volunteers means we don't run the press the whole weekend). It's popular with the kiddos, and an inexpensive giveaway.


  • Write up projects which used i3 for repairs during Maker Faire in our PR for the event
  • Use colored wristbands to identify over/under 21 and for counting attendees
  • Business cards - Easy to hand out cards with the location of space, the timing of open tours, space on the back for a person to put their name and contact
  • Get Maker Faire party invites into maker packets

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