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== Contact Info ==
== Contact Info ==
<b>Name:</b> Matt Oehrlein
<b>Name:</b> Matt Oehrlein
<b>Nickname:</b> The Big 'O'
<b>Cell:</b> 651-261-9747
<b>Cell:</b> 651-261-9747

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Contact Info

Name: Matt Oehrlein

Nickname: The Big 'O'

Cell: 651-261-9747

Email: matt.oehrlein@gmail.com

Website: mattoehrlein.com

Facebook: facebook.com/matt.oehrlein



  • Embedded Systems
  • 8,16,32-bit microcontrollers
  • PCB Design
  • Arduino Stuff
  • Processing
  • Control theory, Modeling, & Simulation
  • C, C++, Some Java, Some Python,
  • Some *NIX skills

What I want to learn/work on with you

  • Robotics
  • Electronically controlled pneumatic stuff
  • Stuff that moves!

Other Activities/Interests

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Cars


I have earned the NoseBleed MeritBadge


I have earned the PowPowPowerWheels MeritBadge