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i3Detroit Logo Images

i3Detroit logo in a variety of source and output formats.  All images are at high resolution; scale and compress them as you need, naturally.

EPS Format

SVG Format

Large PNG-24

Large PNG-8

Large JPG

Square i3 PNG Format

Square i3 SVG Format

Logo Icon with surrounding whitespace PNG Format (useful for social media icons)

Logo Icon PNG Format

i3Detroit Letterhead

i3 Detroit's Official Letterhead http://i3detroit.com/wi/images/0/0f/I3_Detroit_-_Official_Letterhead.docx

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i3Detroit Brochure

Brochure Outside - Finalized as of 4-3-2014

Brochure Inside - Finalized as of 4-3-2014

Preview PDF - Not for printing

Coming soon: Print res PDF PSD Source files

If you need help updating the flier contact User:etx

i3Detroit Flyers

General Flyer

i3Detroit Sticker

i3Detroit Business Cards

i3 Logo with QR Code - This image can be placed on the back of a business card to allow the holder to quickly go to i3 Detroit's website.

i3Detroit Buttons

i3Detroit Detailed Layout

File:Detailed Floorplan Layout.pdf: Shop Floor layout 1/4in = 1Foot