Map of Zones

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Here is a map of the zones.

Here is a list of the major equipment, arranged alphabetically, with zone, ownership, instructors and access. The instructors listed are those that have volunteered to train others and have been approved to do so by the zone warden. Access is either OPEN (the warden has determined that for this piece of equipment you can attempt to self-train); EXPERIENCE REQ'D (you must know how to use the equipment safely, either by prior experience or i3 training, no Warden contact is required);i3 TRAINING REQ'D (you have to be trained by an approved trainer or get a one-time authorization from the appropriate Warden), or PRIVATE (you must contact owner for permission to use [rare]).

Equipment Name Zone Instructors Owner/Access
Genie PC Boneyard Many NateB/Open
Laser Cutter Laser Cutter Zone MattA,RogerS,TerryW i3/Training Req'd
Electronics Room Nathaniel B (248) 379-3614
Machine Shop Steve H (734) 788-4667
Wood Shop Greg S / Dave S 248-649-3565 / 248-632-3370 /
Welding Area Nate W 248-677-1331
Kiln Zone Terry W see CRM or sign in Kiln Zone see CRM or sign in Kiln Zone
Bicycle Shop Dustin W (248) 794-0581
Vinyl Shop
Fab Lab Matt H (248) 343-7432
Tool Crib /consumables area
Lost and Found / Graveyard
CNC Shop Brian W (517) 974-4817
Injection Molding Shop Nate W 248-677-1331
Commons Area Your Mom