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The Graveyard is located between the shop entrance and the large bay door. The purpose of the Graveyard is to provide a warehouse of items available to salvage by members. Dispose of oldest/most useless items when over full.

  • Do not bring items to i3Detroit specifically for the graveyard. Use the Virtual Graveyard on this here wiki if you want to post items for other members to take off your hands.
  • Items may be placed in the graveyard by their owners, if the item was already stored at i3 in plots or with Parking Permit.
  • Items in the graveyard must be dated so that old items can be cleaned out periodically.
  • Items must fit on the shelves. If it doesn't fit, you can make room by disposing of other items.
  • Keep the Graveyard full. If space is needed for new items, any member may dispose of older items.
  • Do not place things you do not own directly into the Graveyard, no matter how offended you are by them.
  • Any member may take possession of anything from the graveyard at any time. Member must then handle it as private property, including proper storage and permits, if needed.
  • If an item is known to work or be broken, label as such
  • Items in Special Handling areas of the Graveyard should be disposed of by the approved Special Handling. Items in the general area of the Graveyard will be disposed of by Dumpster. Special Handling areas of the Graveyard are clearly marked.