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Equipment Available at i3 Detroit

This page provides an index of the pages that describe the various pieces of equipment at i3 Detroit's space.


Terry W - I would like to replace this page with the comprehensive list of equipment which is now on the Map of Zones page. For the following reasons:

  • This page doesn't provide a single list of all major equipment, which I believe is useful.
  • This page is not up to date. Nor is it being sync'd to the Zone pages, which I believe should be the master.
  • This page does not describe ownership or access or trainers which I believe are important to any new user.

Please comment here if you think it would be a good or bad idea and make other suggestions. If I don't get any comments after a couple of weeks I will make the change.

Documented Equipment

Some shop area pages have their own equipment lists:

Other available equipment that is documented here on the wiki includes:


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