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  • I don't like that it steals my Tab key in the editbox. Tab-space should hit the Post button. Not a big deal. However, it also steals the tab key in the login box, and breaks standard UI themes so I can't tell whether I've tabbed to the checkbox or t…
  • I was thinking a Vitruvian Man suit, with extra arms and legs that move in symmetry based on a mechanism attached to the circular and square halo frames...
  • This looks pretty simple, was the design done by hand in LaserCut, or imported from something else, or imported from a published design on the net?
  • As long as the air-conditioned space is quiet, I'm happy. :) Can we request a zero-lady-gaga playlist? I'm all in favor of music in the main area, but c'mon, there's plenty of good dance/techno that you don't hear on 95.*shudder*5 every night.
    in DJ Comment by NateB July 2011
  • Laser-cut a thank-you? Or CNC engrave something..
  • Take it to Silicon Alley or SOCRRA, rather than landfilling it. The lead in the tube probably makes it illegal to discard with household trash anyway.