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  • Lost n found items generally as I recall (haven't read the policies that are written in a while) let a board member know about said item, so they can A) Parking ticket item B) Contact owner C) Move item to graveyard The turn out of the graveyard to …
  • Both systems are flawed :(Contents of both procedures should be merged so they dont conflict.As the next meeting is 2 weeks away, plenty of time to hash out a proposal for the membership to accept. Generally it hasn't been a big issue. Owners are co…
  • The lost n found system came into place when we moved in in 2010, it was not used as well as you'd expect. I think the parking tickets came into place late 2010 early 2011 to help with clutter of random items all over the shop. There were large aban…
  • Tape off an area dedicated to lost n found on the shelf seen from the door side. Put a large note that won't be read by anyone stating when items are free range and abandoned
  • @Paulk have we come up with a time/date for this?
  • This is something we should be pursuing and I hope to see more often at the space or locally near by in the near future.
  • Thanks for bringing in the track,  I've heard from tons of people they loved it.
  • Yes! bring it in, maybe we can setup a drinking contest around it or something :P
  • Typing currently withing XP ie8 8.0.6001.18702 Working fine here. I would highly recommend updating to a decent browser, Chrome or Firefox. I'll look around to see if anyone else has issues in ie, Though you may want to also check for updates and cl…
  • Which browser are you using? I've used this on ie,chrome, and currently typing with firefox. The slotcars sound fun, I'll mention to the rest of the group on our email list (some sadly refuse to look at forums) but otherwise it's just a matter of fi…
  • I've recently started doing the silhouettes.  I'm trying to find tiny people doing odd things, like falling off my door handle :P
  • Sounds like an excellent idea. I dont know how much I'll be around this week/end but ask anyone for help if you need any.
  • Meh?The flow of the discussion feed is what was recently posted. Categories were sorted by me which I see maker faire 2011 should probably have a new sub cat to keep categories down in the future... 2012 13 14 2020Topics under categories should be b…
  • when I looked into amtrak back in 2007 the train went to cali then to vegas, unless it was a bus from cali :\ Then its hackers on a bus!
  • Enough of us and we can take over an entire car. Are discounts avalible if we buy the entire car?
  • Speaking of Flint/Lapeer  a former member who goes to Kettering has mentioned he wants to push a space up in Flint.  I'll see if he'll come on here and start a topic.
  • points at link in my previous post. I also changed the theme so each category has a rss link too.
  • Sorry to hear bob,  hope to see you at FWMF. Rocco's project sounds amazing and cant wait to see it come together.