Robot Club

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Who is interested in robotics?  I'm thinking I'd like to start an informal robotics club.  It'd be it's own entity but meet at i3.


  • Sounds interesting!

    I've been trying to get motivated  for my son's Boy Scouts troop.  The Scouts have a new merit badge offering in "Robotics" and I'm the unofficial merit badge councilor.  There is a ton of interest within our troop (we have one of the largest troops in the country).  So, I'd be interested in what other are doing.  My goal is to develop a robot design that the boys could build at i3.  A laser cut frame, a couple of cheap RC servo motors modified for continuous rotation, and a intro micro board and we're in business.

    Here is a link to some stuff I've been working on.

  • I am working with a team to build a tele presence robot along the lines of:
    but hopefully a lot cooler-looking.  I also want pan/tilt for the screen/webcam.  
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