New i3 Category for CNC Area

edited April 2013 in General banter
Is there a simple way to create a new i3 Category within the discussion area?  If there is an easy way it's not jumping out at me.

I hate to bother everyone with specific stuff going on with the big Bridgeport.  So, seemed like a CNC category would be the hit ticket.


  • You probably don't have admin permissions to create. I'll add it in a bit. If you want admin I may be able top set it up without it emailing you every change made.
  • Setting up a category like "Machine Shop" would be great.  Now that I think about it, I guess "Machine Shop" would be better than "CNC" since it would be more general.

    Thanks for the quick response,
  • I get every message to my phone. Is just the admin dashboard I don't think works that great on mobile.
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