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Maker Faire New York

edited August 2011 in Maker Faire 2011
Since the topic is growing quite quick on the groups This should be a better place for general chat on MFNY.

I'm highly thinking of going to MFNY with the trailer, about ready to pull the trigger, tell work and submit my project.
When will the caravan be headed out? Thursday afternoon?  leave sunday arrive back mondayish?


  • I would like to go, but I will need a ride. I will be bringing my coilgun and a small robot possibly. I can help pay for gas.
  • Keenan - don't forget to apply online to MFNY so your project can be approved and you're paperwork ready and such. 
    Nate - Can I ride there in the back of your trailer with a 6 pack?
  • My work rejected my vacation request so it looks like Dennay and I might not be going.  I'm going to try and work something out but the possibility is looking bleak at the moment.
  • My project was approved MFNYC here I come!
  • Sorry to hear bob,  hope to see you at FWMF.
    Rocco's project sounds amazing and cant wait to see it come together.
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