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Lots of work to do here...

edited June 2011 in General banter
So a lot of work still needs to go into this.  the theme is no where near final, just making this useful for now.


  • So far, looks good.  Seems to have basic functionality... and RSS! 

  • Wasn't expecting everyone to get geeked over the RSS feeds.  So far I've heard good from everyone that has ventured over to check this out. 
    Glad poking at this for the past week was worth my time. :)

  • We should make an led sign that picks up the RSS and hang it near the clock in I3!
  • Hacklab in Toronto has this
  • Nate what is the name of this forum program? It's pretty nice.
  • edited July 2011
    Vanilla forums. Link is in the footer
    Its an opensource version of vBulletin which is a great forum but costs quite a bit.  Vanilla just requires a lot of work to make it how you want it. VB is click done.
    This is one of the things that sucked me away from actually working on the trailer last week :\ but I feel it was worth my time, and currently catching up on the trailer slack.
    Post edited by Nate_LapT at 2011-07-01 16:56:59
  • I don't like that it steals my Tab key in the editbox. Tab-space should hit the Post button. Not a big deal. However, it also steals the tab key in the login box, and breaks standard UI themes so I can't tell whether I've tabbed to the checkbox or the Sign In button. Grrr.
  • edited August 2011
    I may be blind, but how do I access the RSS??

    The bookmarks are cool.
    Post edited by ashe at 2011-08-06 09:26:03
  • I must be blind too, I know its there, it was when I installed. Might not show in this theme but it should work. I'll google around for where it actually is.
  • Yeah if you dont subscribe to an entire category you can subscribe to a single thread. Being an admin I subscribe to everything but get double emails on bookmarks.   So say I dont want to read anything from the general banter, but like a thread thats being discussed, I bookmark only that one.
  • ok found it.
    each category has its own feed.rss
    so general banter is general/feed.rss
  • Why are the forums ordered main topics newest first, but the sub topics oldest first? 
  • Meh?
    The flow of the discussion feed is what was recently posted. 
    Categories were sorted by me which I see maker faire 2011 should probably have a new sub cat to keep categories down in the future... 2012 13 14 2020
    Topics under categories should be by recently posted too. 
    I'm a bit confused what your asking/seeing, please screenshot and paint yellow lines pointing at such and attach.
  • It is difficult to post a new topic, since the body edit window crashes my browser, it worked fine when this forum was first put up...

    Even this window I am typing in I can type about a paragraph before the text actually apears. Very ANNOYING!


    I wanted to ask if there was any interest in me setting up my slot car track at the holloween party...

    I will be in the area, figured I could try it.

    see: for info on the track.

    I am hopeing to have a better track done by then though:


  • Which browser are you using? I've used this on ie,chrome, and currently typing with firefox.
    The slotcars sound fun, I'll mention to the rest of the group on our email list (some sadly refuse to look at forums) but otherwise it's just a matter of finding somewhere to set it up with ok lighting during the party.  I havent done slot cars in probably 10-15 years :P
  • IE 8 (Win XP)
  • Typing currently withing XP ie8 8.0.6001.18702

    Working fine here. I would highly recommend updating to a decent browser, Chrome or Firefox. I'll look around to see if anyone else has issues in ie,
    Though you may want to also check for updates and clean up your pc.


  • Yes! bring it in, maybe we can setup a drinking contest around it or something :P

  • I actually do not drink, but maybe every time your car comes off the track, another drink, the more you crash the drunker you get, so the more you crash lol.

    IE is as updated as it gets, pc is as clean as it gets...


  • Thanks for bringing in the track,  I've heard from tons of people they loved it.
  • It was fun, just I wish my stomach wasn't acting up.

    I am glad I left when I did, because I forgot that I had to work the next morning lol.

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