Photos of the "Hot Wire Router" which was laser cut durring the after party...

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  • Nice work.  Another reason I should have made it to the party :(
  • This looks pretty simple, was the design done by hand in LaserCut, or imported from something else, or imported from a published design on the net?
  • Is that PolyCapaLactone around the handle?
  • I drew it in AutoCAD 2000. (which I need a job doing by the way)

    The white stuff around the handle is Utile-Plast.
    Utile-Plast is very likely PolyCapaLactone but I am not sure.
    Either way I love the stuff!

    Not yet an official i3D member, too broke to even pay for 1 month let alone recurring monthly payments.
    It is also a pain to pay for the $50-60 in gas just to get there and back each time, we need a "i3D NORTH" branch up here near Flint/Lapeer.
    I do have more things to laser cut though so will pay for them on a case by case basis as i need them.

    More on the track I am building can be found on my site:
    I may also ask the electronics gurus for some help customzing the DIGITAL interface for the track.


  • Speaking of Flint/Lapeer  a former member who goes to Kettering has mentioned he wants to push a space up in Flint.  I'll see if he'll come on here and start a topic.
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