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I think it would be awesome to ask Sleepy Nate to DJ again.


  • Norm is on board. DJ Meph
  • As long as the air-conditioned space is quiet, I'm happy. :)

    Can we request a zero-lady-gaga playlist? I'm all in favor of music in the main area, but c'mon, there's plenty of good dance/techno that you don't hear on 95.*shudder*5 every night.
  • Norm was offered a gig at the Filmore, so he wont be our DJ, His friend has offered to take his place.  Currently listening to some of his beats here.
  • Hey there, I'm Chris AKA Draconum, Norm's friend :) Feel free to send suggestions my way! I don't play radio/pop music. I love house, techno (particularly Detroit Techno, appropriately), drum n bass, and all sorts of other stuff. So if you're concerned about hearing Lady Gaga I don't think you have anything to worry about..
  • I liked how you ended 6-4-11 show :P fully welcome to meme us out
  • Oh haha, thanks.. FWIW that was an anime con, and as such my music was a bit more geared to the younger crowd. I tend to play somewhat more serious stuff when the median age of people in the crowd isn't 16 :)
  • So im told we have, crossover, mains, amps and sub. Just need a pair of XLR out to the speakers.

    If you'd like to stop by the space anytime before the party call or come on by, someone "should" be around after 6 each day.
    On the 30th were thinking meetup at the space at 8:30pm, party starts at 9 goes till 2 or when were all tired. Officially 9-2.
    Sound good?
  • I'm listening to the soundcloud playlist right now.  Only a little ways into track 2 but so far I'm liking it!
  • Wait, did you say Nyan Cat dubstep?  Your hired!
  • Nate: I came out to check the space out tonight and met with Nick. He gave me the rundown on everything... I think I'm all set!
  • Just wanted to reply here and say that I thought the DJ was great!  So, hey DJ you did great.  My wife and I were the ones doing all the dancing.
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