Food and Drinks

edited July 2011 in Maker Faire 2011
What foods and drinks will we have available.


  • what you mean besides the filthy water that comes through the eastern wall in the tool crib? 

    Drinks I think are being taken care of by "some organization I forgot the name to". 

     no clue, might just be leaning on the membership to this. 
  • I might be bribed into making hot wings.
  • We didnt have food last year other than snacks.  I generally follow this rule when it comes to out of house guests, and keep the grill mainly for in house parties
  • For some reason I thought we did have the grill going.  I must be thinking of another event.
  • Dont recall, the event started later evening.
  • We had food at the Halloween party, maybe that's what you're thinking of?
  • Yep, I think it was the Halloween party.
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