What are you watching tonight?

edited July 2011 in General banter
New episodes of Eureka and Warehouse 13 tonight!  I love these shows not for being good scifi (because they are not) but for their fun light hearted nature.


  • The shows are drama's, Great ones that involve some forms of scifi.  The science is all made up as is most scifi,  What made BSG so great was the character arc behind it.
  • I like the light hearted, fun tone of Eureka and Warehouse.  I wouldn't actually consider them good as science fiction.  BSG is better but the dark broodiness of it makes it so I can only handle a couple episodes at a time.
  • I get stuck watching it for hours. 3-4 eps.
  • Arrested development. I never saw all the old ones, catching up currently.
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