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Where did you hear of i3Detroit

edited July 2011 in General banter
Tell us where you heard of us.


  • As a founding guest, I heard of i3 from a friend in NYC.  Well  he mentioned a few of his local ones, and we were thinking of starting our own.  Then I found i3 meeting at a coffee house right down the street from me. Being unemployed for 90% of the first spaces life I became known as a founding guest.  Which I gained my current job from being around members within the space and finally became a member shortly before the move to the new(current) space.
  • I started investigating hacker-spaces after seeing AHA at the DIY sale in the state or fox theater downtown last year. I3 was the closest, I read the wiki and realized that long ago I was invited to a early planning meeting but flaked out and forgot about the whole thing.  I'm glad someone went to the boring planning meetings to help make I3 what it is today!
  • Penguicon!  They had robots!!!
  • Likewise, at Penguicon - I attended the hackerspace talk i3 put on, and I've been lurking the public mailing list since.  But I plan to make the trip to the space soon!
  • I first heard of i3 when I saw the cupcake mobile at Future Midwest. Then I went to i3 for the first time for a #tweetea in February 2011 that was co-hosted with Girls in Tech.
  • I found out about i3 from an article in Make magazine that ran during the run-up to the first MakerFaire in Detroit.
  • I found i3 Detroit on the Make web site. By the way. The twinkie cannon is great.
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