HAAS / Pallet Changer Station #1 GCode Location

Using the pallet changer, loaded pallet #1 today onto the HAAS for the first time.  Since the HAAS to Pallet changer placement on the floor is different the programmed pickup locations for the HAAS will also need to be different.  First approximation for station #1 looks to be close to (-38.99, -0.11).  These numbers will probably need to be tweaked in the future.


  • The pallet locations, using machine absolute coordinates, are as follow:

    X-40.00 Y-0.11 (Pallet #1 Location)
    X-40.00 Y-19.88 (Pallet #2 Location)

    Pallet location #1 on the east side of the machine where the operator stands.  Location #2 is on the west side of the HAAS.
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