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Welcome, new members! Introduce yourselves..

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...and then go post in the "projects" section. :)


  • Hi.  My name is Dave Alvarez, and (like Melissa) I too am brand new.  My alias will be DaveA, and I will be working on building guitars, electric and acoustic if all plans succeed.  Still trying to 'tool up' for it, starting off by building a thickness sander, which should profit the entire shop.
  • Hey everyone! My name is Jordan Skole, I am just a member of the forums but am very interested in becoming a member of i3 overall!
  • Greetings, everyone!  I'm new around here, already pretty settled on joining i3 here.  I just moved out to Ferndale, which makes this place super convenient.  It would be hard to pinpoint exactly what I do, so instead I'll just list some of my hobbies and we can go from there:

    EE  <~ I love every aspect I can wrap my head around, from schematic design, PCB layout, troubleshooting, just messing around...  never said I was great at it, I just have a lot of enthusiasm.

    Radio <~ This is an upcoming fascination of mine... at the moment, I'm almost entirely a digital guy, but I'd love to dive into the magic of analog circuits.

    Computers <~  I prefer linux flavors, but I've been dabbling in AVR and PIC, too.  Not enough to program, my goal is only to be able to communicate with computers.

    Automation <~ I do a lot of side work, and for some reason a lot ends up being environmental regulation.  Go figure.

    Tinkering!!!  <~ Even after an all out cleaning out of my spare parts pile, I think it still contains a couple 360s, a half dozen xboxs and literally 50 pounds of spare parts.

    More or less I'm just a student of life, learning as I go.  Looking forward to meeting you guys!

  • Hi all!

    I'm a new member (as of Nov 28th) and have been immensely impressed with both the space and (more importantly) the people that I've met so far. My hobbies and interests are wide and varied as I'm sure most are, here's a quick list of the currently active bits:
    - Computers - I've been a Solaris SA for many years; now I'm starting to get into Linux and learn it from an end-user perspective
    - Ham Radio - Licensed in 2009 as KD8LLT, member of the L'anse Creuse Amateur Radio Club, enjoy building antennas and am just beginning to poke around digital modes
    - electronics - basic circuit modding and repair (so far)
    - Drumming - I play snare drum in St. Andrew's Bagpipe Band, and also instruct percussion for the South Lake High School marching band in the fall.

    And of course the jiggery-pokery of anything that's not nailed down (and most things that are).

    If anyone needs an extra hand for whatever, I'm always interested in learning something new.

  • I've been lurking in the public mailing list and here on the forums since Penguicon, and finally made the time to visit in person.  Now, having seen the space twice - the first time at tabletop gaming a couple of weeks ago, and again last Wednesday with my wife - I have (as of this afternoon) paid my membership dues!  I'm not yet quite a member (still need that orientation!), but I figure I'm close enough.

    By trade, I am a "Lead Software Architect" (titled by my employer), currently on a large DoD contract.  I primarily work in Visual Studio, on .NET apps (2.0 through 4.0), although I have also worked in the Eclipse and Dreamweaver IDEs, writing Java, PHP, and JSP/Struts apps (web- and non-).  I am also a small business owner, "connecting people with manufacturers, online, using social media."  In addition to these, I am the Race Director for the Fifth Third Bank 42nd Annual Belle Isle New Year's Eve Family Fun Run/Walk.  (This is my first time as RD, taking over from my mother after 41 years, so December will be rather ...hectic.)

    My interests include:
    Netduino development - I recently purchased a NetduinoPlus, but haven't had time/space to play with it
    Computers - all of mine are frankenputers, and I'm working on one for my nephew with a custom "Transformers" case
    Woodworking - my tools have been sequestered in the back of our non-powered garage since we moved in 5 years ago, but I *want* to build!
    Electronics - in addition to the new Netduino, I love taking stuff apart and putting stuff together (not necessarily the same as it was... we make stuff *better*)
    Metalwork - I haven't done much of this since high school (lacking certain high-amp tools), but really enjoyed the design and creation.
    Gaming - I don't do much online, but love tabletop miniatures, board, card, and classic RPGs

    Hopefully I'll be able to get several projects going again (and finish them!), which will make my wife VERY happy indeed.  (Not to mention the stress relief I'll get from working on *stuff* again.)

    -- Jerry B
  • Howdy! I'm Robert. I am the guy with the creepy email signatures. I am a full time student and like to tinker with random things.
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  • My name is Mark.  I have been watching this site for a little while. I am an engineer with hardware & software experience. For the last 20 years I have been builiding test setups with LabVIEW.  I am currently out on disability, so I have some time on my hands and have been looking for some interesting projects.  I checked out the facilities last week.  I am still on the fence however on joining.  I just need to come up with some sort of project that fits. 
  • Hi, my name is Brad.  I work for Ford in Usability/ Design.  I collect a bunch of interesting technical/industrial detritus which I am always intending to make into something cool but never have time to do so.  I am a member of that "other" shop in Allen Park, but I am willing to be seduced :).  Currently I am working on a telepresence robot, an electric hovercraft,  an up-cycled wind generator, a couple of electric vehicles, and half a dozen other projects concurrently which is why they are all half-done at the moment.  I want to learn more fabrication skills as well as Arduino.  Interested in joining, but skeptical that I would find time to stop by very often.
  • We have a meeting tonight if you have time to stop by, starts at 7:30
    Otherwise shoot us an email at contact @ when you'd like to come by. I'm personally busy this week but I live down the street.

    We have a few electric cars (Power wheels) being modified to run 24v 500w motors, and the better car runs 36v 1000w motors. They will be raced at Maker Faire next month.  

    Were not like that other shop, we are a community, we try to have our members talk to each other, collaborate on projects and participate in local events. 

  • Funny, I was just there last night - picking up a snowmobile seat that was in the free ads from John S.  I thought about stopping by but didn't know there was a meeting.  Had a talk with John about hovercrafting and hovercraft racing and then saw his post today on I3 Detroit.  Funny that.  I didn't even know he was a member and he didn't mention it.  

    I own two electric cars - one 1975 Citicar and one 1998 Ford Ranger EV as well as an electric jetski that was part of a build competition (got beat out by I3 Detroit!).  

    I have stopped by a few times to drop off hopefully useful stuff (like the balloon for the Strato-cube) but there were never that many people around.  I guess I just have to keep trying...
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  • Hello. I'm Nevin. BSME from Saginaw Valley State University, working on BSEE at OU. I ran the Formula SAE team at SVSU for a few years, specializing in engine development, engine tuning, and electronics. I regularly play with my Netduino and Arduino. Currently work at KUKA Aerospace as an engineer. Used to work at Ziploc in research and development.

    Well that's me in a nutshell....big dork. Thanks!
  • Were all big dorks here at i3, so Welcome Nevin,
    Have you been by yet? Tonight is usually a good night to stop by as most fridays are considered open shop. I should be around if you'd like a tour.

    Just ask for Nate 2.
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