CNC Bridgeport Coolant Mystery

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Very strange,

I mixed up 9 gallons of coolant for the Bridgeport back on April 29th.  Today, the sump started sucking air for lack of coolant.  So, where did five to six gallons of coolant go over the last 10 days?  I see no leaks while operating the machine.  Could this be normal evaporation? 

Well, to make the machine usable again, I mixed up another four gallons and added to the sump.

We'll see,


  • That is a mystery, what's the ratio?
  • Two cups of mix to four gallons of water, according to the label, makes a 30:1 ratio.  Recommended ratios, again - from the label, range from 5:1 to 30:1 for milling.
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