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Just FYI,

I finally let the AVG virus scanner run today on Brian W.'s general use PC.  Attached is a screen capture of the virus scanner.  Sounds like a simple virus that AVG removed.  Just wanted to make everyone aware.





  • Damn, didn't know that thing even goes online.
    BTW, Justin and I are slowly working on getting you a working network setup. I'll comment in the other post.
  • I really hope bring the old DOS 6.2 mill online is not a huge hassle.  I suspect it will be!  It would be nice to have the network connection if (when) the floppy dies completely. 

    Thanks for your efforts and let me know if there is anything I can do,
  • I told Brian the other night Justin swapped the floppy dunno if it helped. I'm busy this week, should be good next weekend if you want to try to set this up
  • And here I thought it was because I was not creating floppy sub directories.  He must have swapped the floppy right when I tried using simple file transfer (no sub directories).  No, I bet swapping the drive was the fix.  Sweet, at least for a while. 

    Thanks again,
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