Bridgeport CNC: 2 1/2" Fly Cutter Inserts

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Just an FYI,

The surface finish after using the 2 1/2" cutter has degraded a bit since I started using the cutter.  So, I'm planning to rotate the inserts in Brian W.'s 2 1/2" cutter soon.  One of the inserts was chipped when I first started using the cutter.  Plus, I think all the insets were used since Brian bought the cutter used. 

I'm planning (without objection) to rotate each insert so the best set of insert teeth are in the cutting position.  I want to track if the inserts wear with the machining I'm doing.  To help with tracking, I'll mark and number the inserts so we can know how they were rotated.  I'll also reset the Bridgeport tool tracking timer so I can also get a handle on insert life.

Note, I'll probably buy another set of inserts for the cutter so we have them on-hand.

Just another FYI,
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