Bugs:Website Migration 8-10-2013 :D

Report any and all bugs hiccups ect you find while navigating the i3 website. 

You may also report bugs to web @ i3detroit.com  


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    As of this morning (Aug 11, 2013) I'm still resolving i3detroit.com to a2s69.a2hosting.com ( I3detroit.org and i3detroit.net are both pointing at the correct IP address but they appear to both be set to redirect to the .com so they don't work either.

    Also, Since there are some absolute URLs in the html of the http://i3detroit.dreamhosters.com/ all of the images and formatting are broken if it is viewed at that address. Many of the links are absolute in that site as well creating broken links to things like the wiki. All of this will correct itself as soon as the DNS issues are resolved though.
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  • Was hoping the dns would resolve a lot quicker. Wasn't thinking I was gonna do this so soon. I should of set the ttl a lot lower few days ago so this would of went a little smoother.
  • It looks like the ability to flag things as spam is no longer available to me. If I look at http://i3detroit.org/forums/discussions I can still see thread titles that have the FLAG: prefix but when I click on them I get "Permission ProblemYou don't have permission to do that." There are currently a couple threads with nothing more than links to spam web sites. 
  • Yeah there was/is a bug allowing spambots in. I'm looking into it. I'm not sure if its a setting or a plugin that I need to install. this build was supposed to be better on spam.
    @mccord42 would you like to be a moderator? 
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